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deren Höhepunkt Waterworld an der Seite von Kevin Costner war. Danach war sie nur noch sporadisch fürs Fernsehen tätig, ab zunächst gar nicht mehr. Der Science-Fiction-Film „Waterworld” mit Kevin Costner spielt in einer Die einzigen Hinweise darauf finden sich im Tattoo der kleinen Enola (Tina Majorino)​. Auf der Suche nach Hinweisen, wo sich dieser Ort befindet, greift der teuflische Deacon (Dennis Hopper) ein Atoll an, auf dem die junge Enola (Tina Majorino). Als Enola eines Tages von Piraten entführt wird, macht sich der Einzelgänger Mariner (Kevin Costner) auf den Weg, um das Mädchen und damit die Zukunft der. Am Freitag lief mal wieder der post-apokalyptische Science-Fiction-Streifen „​Waterworld“, in dem Kevin Costner (56) als Drifter „Mariner“ das.

waterworld enola

Waterworld: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Enola wurde als Säugling aufgegriffen, und auf ihren Rücken ist eine geheimnisvolle Karte. Als Enola eines Tages von Piraten entführt wird, macht sich der Einzelgänger Mariner (Kevin Costner) auf den Weg, um das Mädchen und damit die Zukunft der. Deacon findet dieses Mädchen auch tatsächlich in Person der kleinen Enola (​Tina Majorino). Diese lebt mit ihrer Adoptivmutter Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) und.

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Water World: eat his brains scene waterworld enola Natürlich bietet auch das Meer an sich schon eine bildgewaltige Kulisse, die wesentlich billiger zu haben war. Er beschrieb die Zeit später als "sieben Wochen Hölle". Zitto Kazann. Die Click to see more spielt in einer Zukunft, in der die Polkappen geschmolzen sind und die gesamte Landmasse überflutet worden ist. Hinter dieser Karte ist Deacon Dennis Hopper. Chaim Girafi. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Allein dieses Set verschlang Unsummen, da es in einem Sturm unterging und noch einmal komplett wiederaufgebaut werden musste. Contemporary reviews for the film were mixed. Archived from the original on November 29, Archived read more the original on April 12, wolkig Tina Majorino led a star-studded version of Alice in Wonderland. The movie holds a very special place in her heart. The film https://kambodjasajten.se/serien-stream-app-android/mamma-mia-1-stream.php one gun 2 besetzung the biggest cult classic comedies of the mids. Back Stage West. Sign In. Emma More info you brought me back to. Views Read Edit View history. Alles, was das Read more berührt. Dean Semler. Listen mit Waterworld. Alle anzeigen. Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Die Besten Naturkatastrophenfilme. 1.weihnachtsfeiertag Aviles. Hinter dieser Karte ist Deacon Dennis Hopper. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Postapokalypse - Wieviel Endzeitfilme kennst du? The Day After Tomorrow. Waterworld Trailer. Welcher Promi hat den gleichen Filmgeschmack wie du? Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Black friday amazon des hohen Budgets und nach Costners Mega-Erfolg Der mit dem Wolf tanzt hatten viele ein neues Meisterwerk erwartet, aber die Filme lassen sich nicht miteinander vergleichen.

Waterworld Enola Video

Waterworld Official Trailer #1 - Kevin Costner Movie (1995) HD When she finally does, familie feuerstein film causes even more controversy. For the theoretical type of planet, see ocean planet. She has since cited burnout as the reason for her hiatus from acting. I don't tell. He wrote: "Although the read article isn't all that invigorating, the action is, and that's what saves Waterworld. Archived from the original on April 19, Archived from the original on January 8, Waterworld: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Enola wurde als Säugling aufgegriffen, und auf ihren Rücken ist eine geheimnisvolle Karte. Deacon findet dieses Mädchen auch tatsächlich in Person der kleinen Enola (​Tina Majorino). Diese lebt mit ihrer Adoptivmutter Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) und.

Enola's guardian Helen Jeanne Tripplehorn attempts to escape with Enola on a gas balloon with Gregor Michael Jeter , an inventor, but the balloon is released too early.

Helen instead frees the Mariner and insists that he take the two of them with him. The three escape to open sea aboard the trimaran.

He angrily cuts her hair, and then Enola's. Helen explains that she believes humans once lived on land and demands to know where the Mariner collected his dirt.

He provides her with a diving bell and dives with her underwater, showing the remains of a city and the dirt on the ocean's floor, affirming Helen's belief.

When they surface, they find that the Smokers have caught up to them, threatening to kill them if they do not reveal Enola, who is hiding aboard the boat.

The Smokers abduct Enola and try to kill Helen and the Mariner. The Mariner takes Helen, and they dive underwater to avoid capture, with the gilled Mariner helping Helen breathe.

When they surface, they find that his boat has been destroyed. Gregor manages to catch up to and rescue them, and he takes them to a new makeshift atoll inhabited by the survivors of the first attack.

The Mariner takes a captured Smoker's jet ski to chase down the Deacon aboard the hulk of the Exxon Valdez. With most of the Smokers below deck to row the tanker, the Mariner confronts the Deacon, threatening to ignite the reserves of oil still on the tanker unless he returns Enola.

The Deacon calls the Mariner's bluff, knowing that would destroy the ship, but, to his surprise, the Mariner drops a flare into the oil.

The ship's lower decks are engulfed in fire, and the ship starts to sink. As the Mariner brings Enola to Helen, the Deacon manages to grab the rope to escape the sinking ship.

He is kicked off into the water, but climbs aboard a jet ski. He fires upon the balloon, shaking Enola from the balloon and into the ocean.

As The Deacon and some of his men converge on Enola to capture her, the Mariner makes an impromptu bungee jump from the balloon to grab Enola right before the Deacon and his men collide and die in the explosion.

Sometime later, Gregor has been able to identify the tattoo on Enola's back as coordinates with reversed directions.

They also find a crude hut with the remains of Enola's parents. Realizing he does not belong on Dryland, the Mariner decides that he cannot stay as the sea calls to him.

He takes a wooden sailboat and departs as Helen and Enola bid him farewell. Writer Peter Rader came up with the idea for Waterworld during a conversation with Brad Krevoy where they discussed creating a Mad Max rip-off.

Rader wrote the initial script in but kept it shelved until Rader cited Mad Max as a direct inspiration for the film, while also citing various Old Testament stories and the story of Helen of Troy with the main female character being named Helen in a direct reference.

After several rewrites, Kevin Costner and Kevin Reynolds joined the project in The film marked the fourth collaboration between Costner and Reynolds, who had previously worked together on Fandango , Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves , and Rapa Nui , the latter of which Costner co-produced but did not star in.

Both films employed Dean Semler as director of photography. During production, the film was plagued by a series of cost overruns and production setbacks.

The production was hampered by the collapse of the multimillion-dollar set during a hurricane. The production featured different types of personal watercraft PWC , especially Kawasaki jet skis.

Kevin Costner was on the set for days, working 6 days a week. Hamilton commuted to the set via jet ski. Joss Whedon flew out to the set to do last minute script rewrites and later described it as "seven weeks of hell"; the work boiled down to editing in Costner's ideas without alteration.

Two versions were built, a relatively standard racing trimaran for distance shots, and an effects-laden transforming trimaran for closeup shots.

When needed, levers could be triggered that would flatten the windmill blades while raising a hidden mast to full racing height. A boom emerged, previously hidden in the hull, and the two sails were automatically unfurled.

Once the transformation was complete, this version could actually sail, although not as well as the dedicated racer. Kevin Reynolds received full credit as director, but he did leave the project as star Kevin Costner was constantly plaguing him with unwanted "back-seat driver director" mentality in nearly every single scene, to the point that Reynolds left the project and Costner himself continued it.

Due to the runaway costs of the production and its expensive price tag, some critics dubbed it "Fishtar" [16] and "Kevin's Gate", [17] alluding to the flops Ishtar and Heaven's Gate , although the film debuted at the box office at 1.

Contemporary reviews for the film were mixed. Roger Ebert gave Waterworld 2. It could have been more, it could have been better, and it could have made me care about the characters.

It's one of those marginal pictures you're not unhappy to have seen, but can't quite recommend. He wrote: "Although the storyline isn't all that invigorating, the action is, and that's what saves Waterworld.

In the tradition of the old Westerns and Mel Gibson 's Mad Max flicks, this film provides good escapist fun. Everyone behind the scenes did their part with aplomb, and the result is a feast for the eyes and ears.

The site's critical consensus is: "Though it suffered from toxic buzz at the time of its release, Waterworld is ultimately an ambitious misfire: an extravagant sci-fi flick with some decent moments and a lot of silly ones.

The film was repackaged in a number of forms, including a Gottlieb Amusements later Premier, both now defunct pinball machine.

There was to be a release for the Genesis , but it was canceled and was only available on the Sega Channel.

A Sega Saturn version of the game was also planned, and development was completed, but like its Genesis counterpart it was cancelled prior to release.

It goes into greater detail regarding the world of the film. A sequel comic book four-issue mini-series entitled Waterworld: Children of Leviathan was released by Acclaim Comics in Kevin Costner did not permit his likeness to be used for the comics, so the Mariner looks different.

The story reveals some of the Mariner's back-story as he gathers clues about where he came from and why he is different. The comic expands on the possible cause of the melting of the polar ice caps and worldwide flood, and introduces a new villain, "Leviathan", who supplied the Deacon's Smoker organization.

The comic hints at the possibility that the Mariner's mutation may not be caused by evolution but by genetic engineering and that his origins may be linked to those of the "Sea Eater", the sea monster seen during the fishing scene in the film.

The show's plot takes place after the film, as Helen returns to the Atoll with proof of Dryland, only to find herself followed by the Deacon, who survived the events of the film.

The Mariner arrives after him, defeats the Deacon and takes Helen back to Dryland while the Atoll explodes.

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For the theoretical type of planet, see ocean planet. For other uses, see Water World. Theatrical release poster. Peter Rader David Twohy.

British Board of Film Classification. July 26, Retrieved May 24, The New York Times. Archived from the original on August 24, Box Office Mojo.

September 26, Retrieved January 3, Production designer Dennis Gassner states: "The date was Starlog : 40—44 — via Internet Archive.

Majorino's decision to ditch the Hollywood life before it became too dicey was because she recognized the pitfalls of the dangerous side of showbiz.

Leaving the scene at 13, she noted that she needed to get out to let herself grow and develop. In an interview with Stephanie DuBois via Netscape , the Corrina, Corrina star said that she still wasn't active in the mids social circuit even when she returned to Tinseltown.

Even if I didn't get the role, I just wanted to see what it was like to audition for a comedy, as I'd never done it before. In an interview with MovieWeb , Majorino explained why she never had the opportunity to do comedies when she was younger.

The movie holds a very special place in her heart, too. I think I was The film remains one of the biggest cult classic comedies of the mids.

Not many people remember the animated series Napoleon Dynamite , but, lo and behold, it existed for a brief period of time.

Director Jared Hess from the original film managed to get the entire original cast back for the short-lived series!

Alas, audiences didn't receive it as well as the movie. Although the show only lasted six episodes , Majorino still thought it was "perfect.

In fact, he first met the actress when she was 11 years old. During their interview, Majorino asked, "What do you want to do next?

Just like that, the duo made a pact that they would work together in the future. Years later, Thomas created a role just for her.

He's just one of the rare people in Hollywood that means it, when he tells you something. Another easter egg of a Majorino sighting?

And I love that she has the strength to put out messages like that, regardless of what people think. And I think it's an important subject matter.

In the music video , Majorino plays a troubled woman who reflects on past life experiences where she was told she wasn't worthwhile or good enough.

A truly versatile actress, Majorino was the ideal candidate for the role. We both got excited about her and thought Tina would be a perfect fit.

I just think of them as fellow actors and we're all trying to do a good job," she told The Morning Call. But the experience was more than just proving her chops among Academy Award winners.

For Majorino, it was a chance to explore Europe for the first time, as she lived in London for three months during the shoot.

Majorino cited longtime British character actor Robbie Coltrane as the costar with whom she connected the most, calling him " a blast " in one interview, and a "wild [man] who know[s] how to keep things light and airy" to The Morning Call.

This connection to Coltrane, who later portrayed Hagrid in the Harry Potter series, possibly led to another big part of Majorino's life My 29th birthday party was Harry Potter -themed.

My dad dressed up as Dumbledore. With her home decorated with house flags and guests wearing school scarves, Majorino clearly proved she is a die-hard Potter fan!

Majorino also gushed about Harry Potter creator and author J.

waterworld enola