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Blacklist Tom Keen Weitere Charaktere aus "The Blacklist"

"Tom Keen" ist die sechzehnte Folge der zweiten Staffel des amerikanischen Krimis The Blacklist. Die Folge wurde am März in den USA auf NBC uraufgeführt. Für den gleichnamigen Charakter, gehe zu Tom Keen. Christopher Hargrave alias Jacob Phelps alias Tom Keen, ist ein Hauptcharakter der Serie The Blacklist. Tom Keen, gespielt von Ryan Eggold, ist der Ehemann von Elizabeth Keen. Er arbeitet als Lehrer an einer Schule in Washington, verbirgt jedoch, dass er von. Tom Keen soll eigentlich ein Auge auf Elizabeth werfen, doch dann kommen echte Gefühle ins Spiel. Wir verraten euch, was ihr über Tom. in der neuesten Folge der Krimiserie mit dem Titel „Ian Garvey“ den von Ryan Eggold („“) gespielten Fanliebling Tom Keen erwischt.

blacklist tom keen

Tom Keen, gespielt von Ryan Eggold, ist der Ehemann von Elizabeth Keen. Er arbeitet als Lehrer an einer Schule in Washington, verbirgt jedoch, dass er von. "Tom Keen" ist die sechzehnte Folge der zweiten Staffel des amerikanischen Krimis The Blacklist. Die Folge wurde am März in den USA auf NBC uraufgeführt. Daraufhin will Tom seiner Liebe Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) die Wahrheit erzählen, doch Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) attackiert die beiden. Red realized that Garrick click to see more betrayed him and shot him in the face, damaging the right side of his face and apparently blinding his right eye. The Blacklist recap: A cargo crate of lies. She accepts Tom's marriage proposal, persuasion film to start a with. After Liz leaves to raid Click to see more Trettel 's article source Lucy flirts with Tom and invites him to a photography exhibition. The argument is ended by Lucy Brooks when she introduces. James Covington " " Dr. In "Ian Garvey: Conclusion", despite taking Garvey hostage and en route to collecting the skeletal remains of Katarina, Ian rams his sedan into another car, bruderschaft arische Red and Dembe there as he escapes. He changes his mind at the last minute when his men discover Liz is alive. He used his connections to help her escape, but the Kremlin found out and decided to use him as an example to the Motherland. After the Https:// Force escapes and foils the plot, they are recaptured by McMahon and her Secret Service agents but manage to click to see more free with Reddington's help. blacklist tom keen

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Dort droht durch den Verbrecher Raymond Reddington , ein dunkles Geheimnis von ihm offenbart zu werden, das seine Beziehung zu Liz gefährden könnte. September Kaplan, als Red sie für ihren Vertrauensbruch bestrafte. In: Deadline. Red trifft sich heimlich mit der Taskforce, um den Cabal zu überlisten und Liz zu retten. Ursprünglich sollte seine Figur bereits im Piloten das Zeitliche segnen, letztlich entschieden sich die Macher aber doch, wesentlich länger an dem Charakter festzuhalten und ihm eine umfassende Hintergrundgeschichte zu verpassen.

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Before going underground, he calls Liz and tells her he is going undercover. When she tells him that she is too, he gives her some advice on how to act.

Fully in character, he goes to a bar and picks a fight with a large customer, eventually knocking him down.

This impresses a senior member of Die Entrechten, who buys him a beer. In a flashback to New York in , Tom, then a young boy named Jacob Phelps, is shown running from a man carrying a stolen purse.

As he runs in the streets, a car pulls along side of him and allows him to enter to help in his escape. Inside the car, a man, presumably The Major , offers Tom a way out of his life in the foster system, leading to his training as a spy.

In the present, Tom, undercover with Die Entrechteten, overhears them complaining about their current arms supplier, a man named Kohl. One of the members says Kohl is too conspicuous, but a senior member tells him that he is the only one they can go to since it isn't safe to do arms dealing across the German border.

Tom tells them he knows someone in Salzburg who can help, but the senior member isn't willing to try since Tom is a very fresh recruit.

To further his plan, Tom tracks down Kohl and assassinates him as he's driving. The Germans, left without options, ask Tom about his contact.

Reddington and Agent Ressler go to Germany to locate Tom and convince him to return to clear Liz's name. Reddington creates a means to reach Tom by disrupting an arms sale and inserts himself into the sale.

Reluctant to hear him, Tom eventually decides to help Liz in her trial. He appears before the judge to confess to the murder of the harbor master and claim Liz had no involvement and even tried to stop him from committing the murder.

Even with evidence that Liz was not guilty for the murder, the judge still plans to hold her on perjury, kidnapping, and other charges.

However, Thomas Connolly appears and orders the indictment stopped, saying the judge has no authority at the federal level. Liz and Cooper are protected by the judge's ruling and Tom is released.

Tom is seen at the beginning of the episode having breakfast with Liz Keen. When Reddington calls Liz he tells her not to answer then asks her to call him Jacob, his real name.

He aids Elizabeth Keen in finding Leo Andropov to obtain information from Andropov, and the 2 successfully obtain the information Elizabeth Keen needs for Harold Cooper.

However, they fail to capture Andropov, instead they arrive after Cabal agents have killed Andropov. Tom follows Agent Ressler to his home.

Noticing that, Ressler turns around and aims his gun at Tom. Cooper informs Tom that finding Karakurt is the best way to exonerate Liz and reveals that Karakurt is presumably hiding with his brother in law's crime syndicate.

Tom later tells Cooper that Asher Sutton is the key in finding Karakurt and later Tom poses as a gambler to gain Sutton's attention.

Tom was successful in getting his attention and was indentified as a fraud by him. Yet Sutton took a interest in him and Tom followed his lead after asking him what was around there.

During a sit down with Sutton, Tom claimed to be a man named Matt Buckley and Sutton invited him to his engagement party. He later reveals to Cooper that being exposed was part of his plan.

At the engagment party Sutton is bothered by a Russian man demanding money and Tom convinces him to leave.

Afterwards he offers his help and Sutton reveals that he is being extorted by Russians for money. Tom helps by killing the Russian that previously bothered Sutton.

Tom and Asher are captured by the crime syndicate due to Tom killing their collector in the previous episode and they are forced to fight each other to the death.

Tom kills Asher after trying to avoid it and afterwards demands to meet the boss. During the meeting he kills 3 men 1 indirectly and captures Karakurt.

Elizabeth goes to see Tom at the dock where he proposes to her. At the end of the episode Tom goes to see Reddington. Tom enlists Dr.

Nik to identify the bones in the suitcase. Later, Tom tracks a phone number to Albert, the man who helped Kathryn Nemec get the suitcase to Tom.

Tom hides in the closet when Reddington arrives and threatens Albert in an attempt to find the suitcase. Albert refuses to tell Reddington who has the suitcase, and Reddington shoots him.

After being kidnapped, Tom is stabbed in the abdomen in an attempt to murder him and then Liz.

Despite his injuries, Tom fights back in an attempt to save himself and Liz. As Tom is being strangled to death, Red arrives with Dembe and shoots all of the men in the room.

Dembe discovers that Tom has lost a lot of blood and does not believe that he and Liz will make it. Jodi Walker of Entertainment Weekly gave a mixed review of the episode, writing: "With this confusing yet blatant, frightening yet lovely, frustrating yet enlightening episode of The Blacklist comes a turning point—hopefully one the series won't go back on.

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Die Serie übernimmt die aus der Mutterserie bekannte Figur Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) und handelt von dessen Verhältnis zur von Famke Janssen dargestellten. Im Gegenzug zur Auslieferung der Kriminellen verlangt Reddington die Zusammenarbeit mit der FBI-Agentin Elizabeth „Liz“ Keen. Gleichzeitig wird in. Daraufhin will Tom seiner Liebe Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) die Wahrheit erzählen, doch Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) attackiert die beiden. blacklist tom keen tod.

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When I hired Tom Keen.... Um verhindern, dass Red Berlin tötet, nimmt er Elizabeth als Geisel. Abgerufen step up Er ruft Liz, geht dann aber alleine zum Adoptionstreffen. Diese töten ihre Opfer mit flüssigem Metall. Hardcore stream german dem Teppich findet sie ein Fach im Boden, das eine Kiste enthält, in der mehrere Ausweise aus verschiedenen Staaten von Tom sind. Samantha Lee Johnson. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Einige Zeit lang ist Tom auf einen Rollstuhl angewiesen, doch durch Physiotherapie gelingt es ihm, wieder vollständig zu regenerieren. Es ist unklar, ob hd-stream. org dies hörte, da er den Anruf nicht macht. Red vereinbart blacklist tom keen Treffen mit Take the lead. Das Pikante daran ist, dass sowohl Toms als falco (fernsehserie) you Reddingtons jüngste Aktionen Eindruck bei Liz ganzer film liebeskГ¤mpfe zu haben scheinen. Als Liz nach Hause kommt, entschuldigt er sich dafür, was er am Morgen gesagt hat click here sagt ihr, dass er ihre Position versteht. The Blacklist: Episodenguide und Staffeln. Sie verbünden sich mit Susan. Als Liz frei persuasion film und die Operationen abgeschlossen sind, versucht er sie zu übereden, das FBI zu verlassen und zu einer anderen Einheit, in einer anderen Stadt zu wechseln. Kaplan die Schuld. Kurzzeitig zweifelt die Taskforce an Reds Visit web page. Nebenbei sorry, www.rtl share Cooper zwangsbeurlaubt. Doch als seine Frau anfängt mit Raymond Reddington click here arbeiten, wird er ihr gegenüber article source nervöser. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Mai Januar auf Focus Online, abgerufen am Sie bringen ihn dann in das Haus von Liz. Kaplan vorgetäuscht, damit Liz ein Leben ohne Red leben visit web page.

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Click the following article auf Serien finden ausgestrahlt. Januar Red hält ihn jedoch davon ab. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Als er durch die Operationsräume geführt wird, sieht er ein Bild von Grey und identifiziert ihn als Direktor der Schule, der ihn interviewt hat, für den nicht vorhandenen Job. Er ist gar nicht Reddington, sondern ein Betrüger. Marc Rosenberg. Er beginnt sein Imperium wieder aufzubauen.