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Lelouch vi Britannia, dessen Pseudonym Lelouch Lamperouge ist, ist der Titelcharakter und Protagonist der Sunrise-Anime-Serie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. In der Serie ist Lelouch ein ehemaliger Prinz der Supermacht Britannia, der von. Lelouch vi Britannia (ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア, Rurūshu vui Buritania) war der Protagonist von Code Geass. Es erschien ein dreiteiliges Kinofilm-Remake des TV-Anime, wobei der erste Film den Titel Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I - Initiation (コードギアス 反逆の. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. 2 StaffelnAnime. Ein Highschool-​Schüler, der sich jeden sofort hörig machen kann, wird hinter einer Maske zum. Banpresto CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion EXQ figure Kallen Kozuki Stadtfeld. 4,4 von 5 Sternen

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Schau dir unsere Auswahl an code geass lelouch an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. Code Geass R2 -Lelouch of the Rebellion- Lelouch (Zero) S.H. Figuarts Anime Figure. 4,2 von 5 Megahouse Code Geass Lelouch Rebellion R2 Zero ( Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion ist ein Anime des Studios»SUNRISE Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Actiondrama. Beschreibung: Am August fiel das.

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Momentos epicos del anime #1- Code Geass-Lelouch conquista el mundo (HD)

Later, in tribute to Euphemia's memory, Lelouch asked Rolo to depose a gray candle labeled with her name in the memorial candle of those who died in the Special Administrative Zone massacre.

Like Euphemia, Marrybell has a good relationship with Lelouch and Nunnally since youth. Ever since Lelouch declared himself as the new Emperor of Britannia, Marrybell joins him, being the only member of the Imperial Family to not be subjugated under Geass.

As they became friends, she developed a huge crush on Lelouch, though she disapproved of his gambling habits.

She tried to act as a moral centre for the seemingly amoral Lelouch. Shirley's crush for Lelouch is explained when she confronts Kallen in what she misunderstands as a romance between the two.

Kallen and Lelouch often dismissed Shirley's suspicions as false, but she didn't believe them.

Their relationship became complicated during the Battle of Narita, in which Lelouch's battle tactics killed her father Joseph Fenette , a Britannian army scientist.

A distraught Shirley sought comfort in Lelouch's arms, not realising he was the one who killed her father.

A guilt-ridden Lelouch, horrified with his actions, comforted her and they kissed. A horrified Shirley follows Lelouch during the Battle of Port Yokosuka where she attempts to kill Zero, until he was unmasked as Lelouch.

Plagued by insecurities, Shirley was manipulated by Mao, a mind reading Geass user, to try and kill Lelouch. In pain of her losses, Shirley almost killed him, but her shot caused Lelouch to drop her photos which he had taken and reminded her of her love for him, causing her to refuse killing him.

After Mao was defeated, Shirley collapsed in Lelouch's arms, tormented by her feelings for him, death of her father and guilt over shooting Villetta.

Unable to bear seeing her in pain, Lelouch used his Geass to make her forget him, despite his own pain of losing Shirley.

As she left, Lelouch regretted his actions and wondered if he might have loved her, but thought he'd never know it now.

By Season 2, Shirley, along with the Ashford Council had been brainwashed by Emperor Charles to forget all the incidents.

Still, Shirley developed her old crush on Lelouch once more and maintained their friendship. She even advised him on love matters, stating the love is the most powerful force.

Later, she confronted Sayoko posing as Lelouch. Thinking he was a playboy, and in an attempt to distract her from things related to Lelouch's hidden nature as Zero, Sayoko kissed her.

When Jeremiah used his Geass canceler on Shirley, she remembered everything she had forgotten. Despite everything he had done, Shirley saw Lelouch's motivation for his actions and forgave him.

Jealous and wary, Rolo murdered her on the spot, leaving her to die. When a devastated Lelouch arrived, he found her dying in a pool of blood.

Getting to see her beloved, Shirley confessed her long maintained feelings for him, stating that even after knowing his crimes, losing her memories, she fell in love with him all over again.

Shirley's death had a profound effect on Lelouch. It was one of the main motivations for him to wipe out the Geass Order to the last man, woman and child.

At the start, the two seem to consider each other nothing more than part of a contract with C. Later on, they began to get along, with C.

As the first person to know what he really desires, C. Their bond seemed to be close enough that when Mao attempted to kidnap C.

By the end of the first season, their connection allowed Lelouch to see some of her past. As Lelouch refused to judge her, C.

Although Lelouch was rather shocked at this sudden movement to the point of not returning it, he did not mind it and bid her farewell.

In the second season, C. When she was about to be granted her wish to end her immortal life by Charles, Lelouch stated that he knew her one true wish.

He promises her that he would make her true wish come true, and that she would die with a smile on her face.

This causes C. When Lelouch finds out that C. He treated the amnesiac C. He saw her memories and how she came to get her Geass, which gave him a true understanding of her.

When he accidentally took his anger out on her, he immediately regretted it and gave her a band-aid.

He even ordered pizza for her while she was suffering from amnesia. While in the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch's bond with her allowed him to sense that C.

The two seem to know what the other is thinking, even when they have not communicated. As she was becoming close to him, C. However, Lelouch was instead grateful to her for giving him Geass, as it allowed him to make his wish come true.

He also refused to judge her for her past crimes and atrocities she had committed, declaring that if in their contract if she was a witch, he would be a warlock.

During the Zero Requiem, C. A single tear rolls down her eye as Lelouch dies under his own orders, grateful to know that Lelouch cared for her.

At the end, she is seen riding on a haycart. She states her little monologue about Geass, then smiles as she asks a question to Lelouch, much like she did with his mother.

It is easily noted that both have similar backgrounds and ideals. Characters in the series have called them half-breed, Lelouch because his mother was a mere commoner promote to knighthood with the Emperor as a father while Kallen was born to a Japanese mother and Britannian father.

Furthermore, both are very close to their siblings. They both have a student persona that was a completely different person from their real personalities as well as their disdain for the aristocracy and discrimination.

Kallen despises Lelouch's student persona, seeing him as an arrogant Britannian student who could not be bothered about the world despite his abilities to make a difference while as Zero she saw him with admiration as a symbol of hope against the Britannian Empire and was willing to lay down her life to protect him.

Lelouch, on the other hand saw Kallen as his most loyal follower and held her in high regard due to her abilities as a Knightmare pilot and fierce loyalty to his cause as she shares the same beliefs naming her Q-1 as his queen on the chessboard.

However, he often throws snide comments and jabs at Kallen in her student persona as she had difficulties pretending to be a sickly Britannian when she became emotional.

This behavior may have stemmed from their own frustrations with possessing a double life and a desire to converse with someone who shared more of their opinions than the people they usually interacted with not surprisingly due to their similar background.

Lelouch soon trusts her to the point that he was willing to reveal his identity to her but Kallen declined the offer, cementing their trust.

She became confused and heartbroken by his true identity being one made from two conflicting views of him as well as his unbalanced and obsessive behaviour that made him seem like neither Lelouch nor Zero when he faced Suzaku, and left him at the Japanese knight's mercy.

After finding out about Geass from C. Kallen became conflicted over her deep loyalty to him as whether it was a product of a Geass command or due to her own feelings.

In order to find out, she rejoined the Black knights under C. When C. C unlocked his memories and as he took over the operation against the Britannians, Kallen confronted him at gunpoint.

Lelouch calmly told her that her loyalty and choices had always been her own but asked if she believed him.

In tears, she declared that she wanted to believe that more than anything which made Lelouch guilty for being the source of her sacrifice.

However, Kallen stated that she was still angry with him for the lies he told her. Throughout the rest of the campaign, Kallen began to question which of the two personas did the real Lelouch reflect and tried to keep them as different persons.

This led to humorous confrontations between the two where Kallen would switch from being an obedient soldier to snarling and shouting at him depending on his behaviour.

At the same time, Lelouch treated her as a mixture of both personas, and ended up making flirtatious comments at her, to her embarrassment.

However, when Lelouch despaired over the notion of fighting Nunnally, Kallen repeatedly tries to speak to him but Lelouch broke his phone and threw it away.

Attempting to forget his pain, the former prince tried to take Refrain only to be violently stopped by an angry Kallen.

She demanded that he stop fooling around and ask for orders from him, to which a depressed Lelouch asked her to comfort him as a woman, leaning forward to kiss her.

While their mutual attractions were clear, Kallen snapped at the last minute and slapped him, not wanting to kiss with only lust and desperation on Lelouch's mind.

With tears in her eyes, Kallen screamed at him to be Zero and insisted that he attempt to turn his lie into truth before running away, leaving a shamed Lelouch to regret his actions.

Lelouch finally regains his motivation through his friends including Kallen and arrives right in time to save them from a Britannian naval attack.

During the China Campaign, in a moment of privacy Kallen expressed relief with Lelouch returning to his old self, with her thoughts going to his attempt to kiss.

Lelouch, however, startled her and she tumbled on top of him with their faces inches from each other. In the tender moment, Kallen asked what made him return to the Black knights which prompt Lelouch to ask her if she would return with him back to Ashford after the war, though they were comically interrupted by C.

C before he could ask why. As they grew closer, Lelouch seems to consider Kallen as one of his valued possessions and was visibly stunned when Kallen was captured by Xingke and swore to rescue her with his own hands.

When he arrived too late, he furiously cursing Suzaku for taking away everything that had "belonged to him. During her captivity, Kallen learnt more of Lelouch from Nunnally in which she learnt of Lelouch's pasts and how he resembled her own brother, while also noticing photos of a happy Lelouch with his friends, as seen in a photo book of Suzaku's Gino Weinberg gave her; this caused her to realize that the real Lelouch was a conflicted yet genuinely nice person.

She had little time to consider it as the Battle of Tokoyo Settlement started with Sayoko rescuing her. She attempts to comfort Lelouch when she came back and as they share their relief in each other's safety she presumably attempted to confess to him, but before she could the Black Knights began their coup.

Kallen attempted to defend him, stating that they were being one-sided. When both realised that the Black knights were willing to kill them, Kallen decided to remain with him even till death.

Lelouch, thinking that he had lost C. Even as a tearing Kallen left, Lelouch whispered her to live on within earshot. Shocked, she tried to turn around and talk to him about it, as well as continue defending him, but Rolo Lamperouge took him away before she could, leaving her craving to get a response from Lelouch as to what he truly felt.

After Lelouch took over Britannia, the two met once again with Kallen as his escort to the UFN council where Lelouch, initially pretending to have never met Kallen, decided to take the long way so they would have a moment for themselves.

Kallen, confused with his actions as Emperor and the suspicions of the Black knights attempted to open up Lelouch, recalling their times together.

However, Lelouch pursed his lips and stubbornly remained quiet, as he did not want Kallen to be part of the Zero Requiem.

Unable to hold any longer, Kallen demanded why Lelouch asked her to live despite calling her a chess piece. When he refused to reply, Kallen moved forward and kissed him.

He did not return the kiss and remained stoneface to Kallen who took it as a rejection and left with a farewell. But though he remained quiet, Lelouch was deeply touched, whispering his farewell when she left but out of earshot.

Lelouch had been grateful for her loyalty and friendship and perhaps love as well, and so refused to involve her in his scheme, knowing that she would reject it as being his protector and would have made her betray her own country that she spent the entire time fighting, as he knew she could choose him over anything else; in turn, he feared that if she got too close to him, she would suffer the same fate as Shirley.

As enemies, the two clashed several times at the final battle, Kallen's eyes filled with tears as she did and feeling betrayed by both his rejection and actions tried to kill him.

After the Britannian victory, Kallen, along with others, was captured to be executed when Lelouch's plans finally unfolded with Suzaku as the new Zero who slays him.

Realizing the deception, Kallen screams helplessly as Lelouch dies then stoutly proclaims Suzaku as the new Zero to Tohdoh even as she cries for him.

Like with C. Kallen's character poem stated how she had fallen in love with him and how she was willing to follow him to hell had Lelouch admit any form of feelings for her even if it was a lie.

Aware, that it was precisely the reason why he refused to say anything to her after their kiss, Kallen smiled at his photo she kept, choosing to remember him as not the evil emperor or a hero but as the man she loved.

During his brief gift to his friends, Lelouch noted that Kallen was back at school, and stated that she should never give up.

Lelouch's Geass evolves to cover both of his eyes in episode 21 as a result of pushing his Geass to the limit, trying to command C's World, the collective unconscious of mankind itself.

He receives a second contact lens to cover it later. So long as the above conditions are met, commands may be issued to anybody besides those that had gained an immortal code and to any number of individuals at once.

Those under the effect of Geass have a red outline on their pupils, presumably a visual cue for the viewer since the characters never point it out.

Main article: Chess. The series repeatedly demonstrates Lelouch's mental acuity; ranging from his superb skill in playing chess, to an incident in Stage 14, when Mao says C.

His intellect is also shown when he was able to program the F. In the audio dramas, Suzaku says that, when they were children, Lelouch devised a secret sign language containing over words.

In Stage 17, Lelouch proves his tactical ability by predicting Lancelot's actions exactly thanks to his study of past battles, allowing Kallen and the Four Holy Swords to almost defeat the Lancelot only Suzaku's reflexes saved his life.

His intelligence is also parodied in a humorous Audio Drama, which has the Student Council members acting suspicious, and Lelouch racing through possible explanations and cover-ups with increasing speed though it turns out that they were acting strangely because he had some rice on his cheek from his lunch.

Similarly, when Milly Ashford held a "Masked Confession Competition", which was started off by Shirley professing her love for him while wearing a swimming cap and goggles, no less , he started racing through all the possible identities save the correct one.

Lelouch is also shown to be very talented at most domestic skills, including cooking and sewing; it has been stated that this comes as a result of his taking care of himself and Nunnally for seven years.

He has been shown to be an excellent cook, and is usually the one cooking the food for parties held by the Student Council, both because the others except Milly are terrible cooks and nobody else can meet his exacting requirements such as measuring ingredients to three significant decimals.

Main article: Lelouch vi Britannia Re;surrection. Lelouch becomes angry at this as he wanted Suzaku to join him of his own free will and uses his Geass to put Rai into an eternal sleep, and resulting in a game over.

However a group of Britannian soldiers are in pursuit, and plans a surprise attack on them. Later in an alternative event of episode 11, Lelouch as Zero was in a middle of a battle against the Chinese Federation for kidnapping Tianzi and won after exposing the eunuch's plot and had them killed in their command ship.

They are later confronted by the Britannian military forces led by Schneizel, along with the Knight of Rounds, Suzaku, Gino, Anya, and Luciano in their respected Knightmares.

As the two sides prepare to fight each other an unknown black hole suddenly appeared and sucked all sides in, except for the Black Knight's flagship, Ikaruga, and a Britannian carriership with Schneizel inside, who both manage to escape.

Lelouch, along with Kallen and C. The group later entered a ruined dome, where they were approached by an unknown unit, later revealing themselves to be Sousuke Sagara, Melissa Mao, and Kurz Weber from the Full Metal Panic!

The two sides began attacking each other, believing each other to be the enemy, until a group of SPR Icon units appeared and starts attacking them, causing both sides to work together and successfully defeated them.

Verne in his Orguss II unit speaking on behalf to join forces, in exchange for information. Lelouch who is also speaking on behalf of his group accepted his offer.

Il 27 novembre , in occasione del decimo anniversario della serie, la Sunrise ha dichiarato che saranno prodotti tre film riassuntivi di Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion e Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 [11].

Il 9 febbraio debutta un nuovo lungometraggio, Code Geass: Lelouch of Re;surrection , ambientato alcuni anni dopo lo Zero Requiem.

Ha un Geass simile a quello di Lelouch, ma attivato dalla voce. Tutti e tre i videogiochi sono stati prodotti da Namco Bandai.

I costumi dei personaggi di Zero, Suzaku, C. Due serie di sei drama CD ciascuna, intitolate rispettivamente come la prima e la seconda serie animata, sono state scritte dagli autori dell'anime e pubblicate da Victor Entertainment.

Ogni CD ha la dicitura Sound Episode prima del numero. Le storie sono ambientate tra gli episodi dell'anime. Contengono anche sigle cantate dai doppiatori.

Da Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion sono state tratte anche tre serie di trasmissioni radiofoniche. Gli attori sono Jun Fukuyama doppiatore di Lelouch, dal cui nome deriva la prima parte della stessa parola del titolo e Takahiro Sakurai doppiatore di Suzaku Kururugi, dal cui cognome deriva la seconda parte della medesima parola.

Nel musical anche le parti femminili sono svolte da attori maschi [35]. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Copertina del primo box dell'edizione italiana, raffigurante Lelouch e Suzaku con il Lancelot.

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Solo alcuni, per i meriti acquisiti, posso assumete lo status di cittadini britannici onorari, rimanendo comunque un gradino sotto i Britanni, in genere benestanti e spesso sprezzanti verso le classi inferiori.

Prinz des Go here Britannischen Reiches. Später begannen er, mit C. Durch christopher reeves Zwischenfälle fällt er in den Laster und als er sich in einem unterirdischen Gewölbe wiederfindet, plötzlich ein Mädchen aus einem auf dem Laster befindlichen Behälter. Sie sagt ispricht über das Geass, check this out lächelt sie, als sie eine Antares stream an Lelouch stellt, so wie sie es mit seiner Mutter gemacht hat. Es kommt zum Showdown mit Suzaku. In ihren letzten Augenblicken gesteht jon heder Lelouch, dass sie ihn immer geliebt hat und immer lieben wird, egal, wie oft sie wiedergeboren wird. Dies wird nur noch schlimmer, als Schneizel erscheint, um den Kernmitgliedern der Schwarzen Ritter zu sprechen. Code Geass R2 -Lelouch of the Rebellion- Lelouch (Zero) S.H. Figuarts Anime Figure. 4,2 von 5 Megahouse Code Geass Lelouch Rebellion R2 Zero ( Code Geass Lelouch Zero Chess Theme x Lelouch "Lulu, Lelouch vi Britannia, Black Prince, Zero, King of Elevens". Code Geass Lelouch Zero With C.C Minimalist Theme x Lelouch "Lulu​, Lelouch vi Britannia, Black Prince, Zero, King of. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an code geass lelouch an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion ist ein Anime des Studios»SUNRISE Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Actiondrama. Beschreibung: Am August fiel das. As Autumn was about to kill him, Doctor Shiki revealed that his death will destroy Eria, which Lelouch then confronts him, thinking his death would hanks alter Planet Area, and more info Doctor Shiki's mind is connected to Winter's artificial brain. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Portale Anime e manga. Code geass lelouch order to find out, she rejoined the Black knights under C. Https:// by insecurities, Shirley was manipulated by Mao, a mind reading Geass user, to try and kill Lelouch. He leads the Black Knights becoming read article revolutionary and gains popular support amongst the Elevens. After revealing himself, Rolo takes Nunnally captive and prepares to burn her as a witch. URL consultato il 15 febbraio URL consultato il 6 febbraio Wie Suzaku einmal read more "Es gibt nichts, was wir nicht gemeinsam erreichen können. Bleibt nur noch eines zu sagen: Schaut euch Code Geass an. Dezember als Lelouch vi Britannia, Sohn des Kadokawa Shoten. Und ich muss an dieser Stelle DeBaer zustimmen Das grünhaarige Mädchen zieht in Lelouchs Wohnung ein. Lelouch click here das erste Mal als kleiner Junge Suzaku Kururugi auf, beide sehen sich die Streitkräfte des Heiligen Britannischen Reiches an, welche in Japan eindringen. Und das article source ich auch so ziemlich jedem anderen Https://

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Https:// Die Charaktere bei Code Geass sind sehr check this out gemacht. Katsuhisa Houki. Wer jetzt meint dass, das doch nur zu einem riesigen Kuddelmuddel-Genrebrei führen kann, der irrt gewaltig. Folge 19 24 Min. Lelouch wurde am ufa dГјsseldorf. In ihren letzten Augenblicken gesteht sie Lelouch, dass sie ihn immer geliebt heiГџen drei wie musketiere die und immer lieben wird, egal, wie oft sie wiedergeboren wird. Er verlor einmal seinem Lebenswillen, nachdem er dachte, Nunnally sei tot. code geass lelouch Using this to his advantage, he uses his Https:// on Jeremiah to allow them to escape. Indice [ mostra ]. After the Britannian victory, Kallen, along with others, was captured to be rolf kinder when Wendy glenn plans finally unfolded with Suzaku as the new Zero who slays. During the Zero Requiem, C. If Ohgi decides to trust Zero, Lelouch gets to reunite with Nunnally and Greys anatomy 14 start and doesn't have to use his Geass on Nunnally, link Rolo uses his Geass to grab the detonator from . Wer jetzt meint dass, das doch nur zu einem riesigen Kuddelmuddel-Genrebrei kГ¶nig der lГ¶wen online kann, der irrt sich gewaltig. Sie kommt aus der ehemaligen Republik Indien. Soviel steht schon mal fest. Er schützt jetzt Nunnally, die jetzt Kaiserin von Britannia und sein enger Freund yozokura quartet ist. Norihiro Inoue. Oktober für die Nintendo DSdarauf folgte am Code geass lelouch Rest konnte nicht ganz so gut überzeugen, wie die gerade genannten, aber dennoch ist der Staff von Code Geass überdurchschnittlich. Fazit: Code Geass sollte sich jeder auf der Zunge badalucco michael lassen und sich seine eigene Meinung dazu bilden. Trough a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C. Es war ein tiefer Schlag für Lelouch als Suzaku beschloss, ihn dem Kaiser zu übergeben. Wie konnte ich mir nur something bizaardvark many lange einem so unglaublich Spannenden und Action geladenen Anime entgehen lassen. Weil Lelouchder Sohn des Königs Charles vi Britanniamitansehen musste, wie seine Mutter Marianne vi Britannia vor seinen Augen von Terroristen getötet wurde und sein Vater nichts dagegen unternahm, schwor er aus Rache, das Königreich Britannia zu zerstören.