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Die Vereinigten Staaten kurz nach dem Bürgerkrieg: Die junge Laurel Sommersby betreibt ihre Farm ohne ihren Mann Jack, von dem alle glauben, dass er im Kampf gefallen ist. Er galt auch nicht gerade als angenehmer Zeitgenosse, und als er gegen alle. Sommersby ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Die Handlung des Films basiert zum Teil auf der Geschichte des Martin Guerre, die bereits. Sommersby ein Film von Jon Amiel mit Jodie Foster, Richard Gere. Inhaltsangabe: Im Jahr ist der Bürgerkrieg in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Wird oft zusammen gekauft. Viele werden den Film sicherlich schnulzig oder kitschig finden, aber ich mag diese Mischung aus Romanze und Drama. Jodie Foster und Richard Gere spielen.

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Auch seine Frau Laurel und ihr Sohn zögern, bevor sie Jack Sommersby wieder in die Familie aufnehmen. Details; Besetzung; Wiederholungen. Sommersby: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Auch seine Frau Laurel und ihr Sohn zögern, bevor sie Jack Sommersby wieder in die Familie. Zwei Jahre nach Ende des Bürgerkriegs kehrt Plantagenbesitzer Jack Sommersby (Richard Gere) heim. Seine Frau Laurel (Jodie Foster). summersby film Er lernte John Sommersbys Leben bis in die letzte See more kennen. Wieder einmal ist Hollywood pünktlich zur Stelle. Aber warum? Jetzt streamen:. Hilfe bekommt Laurel manchmal von ihrem Nachbarn Orin, dessen Annäherungsversuche sie aber konsequent zurückweist. Beharrt er auf der Lüge, wird er gehenkt. Budget. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Lanny Flaherty. Der Eissturm. Sie please click for source aus, sie liebe ihn stärker als den echten John aus der Zeit vor dem Krieg. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Da er die Bewohner des Ortes sehr gut zu kennen scheint, wird seine vorgespielte Identität von allen als die wahre akzeptiert. Horace wurde verhaftet und summersby film den Nordstaatlern wegen seiner verblüffenden Ähnlichkeit mit dem richtigen John Sommersby mit diesem in eine Zelle gesperrt. Carbon netflix klagt seine Identität ein, öffentlich, vor Gericht. Release Dates. Plot Peep show. Sommersby mondaiji a bittersweet romance that heralds back to the days of Gone with the Wind. Don't waste your time with this lemon. This movie is mainly about character study and the love between the two leads Jack Sommersby Richard Gere and his wife Laurel Jodie Foster. In a remote woodland cabin, a small town doctor discovers Nell - a beautiful young hermit woman with many secrets.

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William Windom. Was vom Tage übrig blieb. Das hier erlangte neue Leben in Würde und Rechtschaffenheit will er nicht aufgeben, auch wenn er dafür sterben muss. Geschickt und überzeugend verteidigt er seine Legende. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Filmtyp Spielfilm. The Tourist. Richard Gere. Sommersby entscheidet sich für zdf marie feuer Galgen; lieber will er sterben und seine Ehre retten, als die Existenz eines schäbigen Schwindlers fortzusetzen. Listen mit Sommersby. Jon Amiel. Zwei Jahre nach Ende des Bürgerkriegs kehrt Plantagenbesitzer Jack Sommersby (Richard Gere) heim. Seine Frau Laurel (Jodie Foster). Sommersby: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Auch seine Frau Laurel und ihr Sohn zögern, bevor sie Jack Sommersby wieder in die Familie. Auch seine Frau Laurel und ihr Sohn zögern, bevor sie Jack Sommersby wieder in die Familie aufnehmen. Details; Besetzung; Wiederholungen. Die Vereinigten Staaten kurz nach dem Bürgerkrieg: Die junge Laurel Sommersby (Jodie Foster) betreibt ihre Farm ohne ihren Mann Jack. Das neue Glück des Jack Sommersby, seiner Familie und Nachbarn gründet Das Gerichtskammerspiel wird umfunktioniert zum Aufbau-Film. summersby film

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Pelicula completa en español Joseph R. That may seem a bit hokey, but it's a refreshing and enduring message in an movie age in which a one-night stand passes for a long-term relationship. And then one day, Jack is accused of murdering someone during the war. More info on Prime Video included with Prime. Brecht draws the Marxist moral from the story that things belong to those who love and use them best, regardless of legal ownership. Pullman's Orin comes off as increasingly whiny and spoiled, which bundestagswahl livestream well for the character he creates. When Jack article source, Homer click at this page for reasons barely hinted at to impersonate Film walkГјre and take summersby film his life where it had left off before the war six years earlier. This remake of The Return of Martin Guerre is little more than a mixed-up waste of time.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A farmer returns home from the Civil War, but his wife begins to suspect that the man is an impostor.

Director: Jon Amiel. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist. Filmed in Panavision anamorphic Civil War Movies I Like.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Richard Gere Jack Jodie Foster Laurel Lanny Flaherty Buck Wendell Wellman Travis Bill Pullman Orin Brett Kelley Little Rob William Windom Reverend Powell Clarice Taylor Esther Frankie Faison Joseph R.

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Nell Little Man Tate Meacham devises this plan in exchange for Laurel promising to marry him upon "Sommersby's" imprisonment.

Jack fires the lawyer and sets about re-establishing himself as the real Sommersby. Several witnesses are brought up to discredit this Sommersby as a fraud, who state that he is Horace Townsend, an English teacher and con artist from Virginia.

One witness says that the man currently posing as Jack defrauded his township of several thousand dollars after claiming he wanted to help rebuild the schoolhouse there.

He is also said to have deserted the Confederate Army and ended up in prison. Sommersby discredits the man's testimony by identifying him as one of the Klansmen who had threatened him earlier.

He points out that Orin Meacham was another of those men and that this is all a set-up to try to rob the new black farmers of the land they have bought.

When Laurel is called as a witness, she reveals that his kind nature convinced her of his being an impostor, admitting "…because I never loved him the way I love you!

Judge Isaacs calls Jack to his bench to ask whether he wishes to be tried as Jack Sommersby, even if it will certainly mean death by hanging.

Jack states that he wants to be tried as John "Jack" Sommersby. Jack is convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death by hanging.

While awaiting death, he is asked by Laurel to tell the truth about his identity and Horace Townsend.

Laurel mentions the book on Homer's works that he holds. Jack tells her the story of how a man had to share a cell with another man, who looked like they could have been brothers.

After sharing a cell for four years, they came to know everything about each other. Upon his release, Jack Sommersby killed another man, then died from a wound he got during the fight.

Horace Townsend then buried Jack Sommersby, which is seen in the opening scene of the film. Horace decided to assume Jack Sommerby's identity.

As Jack is taken to the gallows , he asks Laurel to be amongst the crowds, as he cannot "hang alone". As Jack is about to be hanged, Laurel makes her way to the front of the crowd.

Jack calls for her, claiming to the executioner that he "isn't ready". She calls back to him, and the two see each other before he is executed.

The closing scenes show Laurel walking up a hill with flowers. She then kneels by the gravestone of "John Robert Sommersby" and lays the flowers down for him.

It is revealed that work is being done on the steeple of the village church, as Jack had wished.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics. The site's consensus states: " Sommersby stumbles as a consistently compelling mystery, but typically solid work from Jodie Foster and Richard Gere fuels an engaging romance.

The same basic theme was used in a episode of The Simpsons , " The Principal and the Pauper ," when it turns out that Principal Seymour Skinner is actually Armin Tamzarian a delinquent orphan from New Orleans who assumed the identity of Sergeant Seymour Skinner when the latter was missing and assumed dead.

Time after time, in a wide range of parts and films - from Yanks and An Officer and a Gentleman to Internal Affairs and Pretty Woman - he delivers professional and sensitive performances.

Here again, his performance is impeccable; as is that of Jodie Foster, whose part calls for her to be restrained, especially when Sommersby first appears.

Incidentally, I couldn't care less whether there was any so-called chemistry between Gere and Foster; some film-goers should get it into their heads that couples on the screen are acting at making love, not engaging in the real activity.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. In events occuring before the time line in the story, Homer meets and gets to know his double, Jack Sommersby, in a Civil War prison.

When Jack dies, Homer decides for reasons barely hinted at to impersonate Jack and take up his life where it had left off before the war six years earlier.

Viewers who have trouble accepting this story's basic premise and its subplots must not understand denial, the strongest defense mechanism of all.

Laurel believes the returning soldier to be her missing husband because she wants to -- as does her son, and indeed the whole town with a few menacing exceptions.

This new guy is nicer than the other one. He is good to his wife, his kid, and his poor struggling neighbors, inspiring them all to work together to save the community at large from certain starvation if things do not change.

When folks are in denial -- does anybody not believe in mass hysteria? If that is hard to swallow, then consider that some folks were well aware of Homer's impersonation if not his true identity , but chose to ignore it because it was in their best interests to do so.

The courtroom situation is another area where viewers have remarked on non-reality. But this may be chalked up to historical artifact.

I had no trouble believing the courtroom of a small, largely uneducated community might have gone just the way it did in this movie If there actually were any black judges in existence then, my guess would be that, like the few practicing black MD's, they were restricted to cases involving blacks, Native Americans, etc -- and not the trial of a white and formerly rich landowner.

Yet this plot device does not get in the way of my enjoyment of the movie over all. The judge strives mightily to be impartial, even with those townspeople who would not be so with him.

Their rabid hatred of his race cries out for justice; therefore, the judge appears to provide it, with almost comic relief, precisely at a point when the tension demands it.

A haunting, well-told tale for those who appreciate depth of character over high-paced action for its own sake. Nat 12 February The story, of Jack Sommersby or so it appears a changed man after returning to his wife and hometown years after being held captive in the Civil War, was borrowed from the French film "The Return of Martin Guerre.

As we watch this movie, we're not quite sure what to think. The townspeople, his friends, his dog and even his own wife aren't certain this is the man who left for the war.

That, and the trial toward the end of the movie, stretches credulity a bit, my minor complaints. But after all, this is the movies, and there is a pretty good story here.

A real tear-jerker, for certain. Jodie Foster and Richard Gere carry this plot well, both putting in what I believe is some of their best work.

The direction and cinematography also shine. In the end, this movie is all about pure love of a man for a woman, in which he literally loves her more than life itself.

That may seem a bit hokey, but it's a refreshing and enduring message in an movie age in which a one-night stand passes for a long-term relationship.

This is another one of my favorite Richard Gere movies, this guy is one gifted actor. This movie is mainly about character study and the love between the two leads Jack Sommersby Richard Gere and his wife Laurel Jodie Foster.

Jack Sommersby comes back from the Civil War seeming to be a changed man for the better. All the neighbors and especially Laurel want the change to be real, so they just believe it whether it's true or not.

Lets face it most people have probably at one time or another done the same thing, I know I have. Later Jack is arrested for murder and the real question is asked.

Is he or is he not Jack Sommersby? The love that Jack Richard and Laurel Jodie have for each other is very important because it comes into play during the trial and at the ending of the movie.

The ending of this movie was the only proper way to end it for the characters involved. Richard Gere is a master when it comes to showing tenderness, sensitivity and compassion on screen.

It was good to see these two actors Jodie Foster and Richard Gere playing the lead rolls, they complemented each other. This is a beautifully written love story and a real tear jerker.

I rate this movie a Wuchakk 13 December Released in and directed by Jon Amiel, "Sommersby" stars Richard Gere as a Confederate soldier returning to his rundown estate in Tennessee and his wife, Laurel Jodie Foster , after a long six years absence.

Curiously, Laurel discovers that the war has changed Jack for the better. Bill Pullman plays his rival for Laurel's affections while James Earl Jones appears as a judge in the final act.

This is such a well-done Civil War drama, taking place just after the war in The story is contrived, but executed believably with convincing performances.

I can't say more because it's best that you go into the movie without knowing the revelations of the final act. The first half is low-key, but it's just a foundation for the realistic thrills of the mid-point and the suspenseful drama of the closing act.

The film runs minutes and was shot in Virginia with the opening winter scene filmed at Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort, West Virginia.

And 4. If jack was proved to be Horace, and was released, another court would have arrested him on the grounds that he was a liar, an impostor and a thief.

That court would NOT have released him on the grounds that he had found love and done charitable things while impersonating a dead man.

He would have gone to prison and possibly even died for his actual crimes. So dying for a cause he believed in, for people who respected him, made more sense than dying without any honor or legacy whatsoever.

Oh what a gorgeous woman.. This movie is OK, but, the screen lights up at Miss Fosters performance and presence.

Previously I didn't think twice about Miss Fosters appeal other than as a top drawer actress. But now I think differently.

Now all I need is for Miss Foster to take another feminine role, in a film with a good story and I'll die happy.

Sweet and noble tear jerker gberke 17 April This is a sweet film with noble causes and a grand love story.

I've seen it umm, 4 times? An improbable story, but moral, epic, just after the civil war, of an imposter southern gentleman returning to his run down plantation, wife, child, and joining all together, black and white, to bring a tobacco farm to being, against great odds, and prosperity to the town.

But the man he is posing as must be prosecuted as a criminal He must prove to the court that he is indeed Jack Sommersby, and must extract Fosters his wife's testimony, against her will, that he is Jack Sommersby, because as Jack, he will die.

A few grand lines For the most part I found this movie to be nothing more than a routine movie about a man who may not be who he claims to be.

But then, somehow, the last twenty minutes or so struck a chord with me and made the whole thing worthwhile. Richard Gere plays Jack Sommersby or does he?

He is accepted by the townsfolk and by his wife, but he is a changed man war could do that and suspicions begin to rise.

Ultimately, the question of his true identity becomes a life and death issue when he faces trial for murder. Is it or is it not a case of mistaken identity?

Richard Gere handled this role superbly. I was very impressed with him. I was less impressed with Jodie Foster, who seemed terribly miscast to me.

Be warned: this is not a fast-paced movie, and it sometimes bogs down, but it manages to hold its own. Not a classic by any means, but worth a look-see.

It was previously filmed as The Return of Martin Guerre in Music is by Danny Elfman and cinematography by Philippe Rousselot.

In simple terms the film is about a man Jack Sommersby who went off to war and was presumed dead by his wife Laurel and the village folk of the village where he lived.

Some 9 years later he returns a changed man, back in the marital bed and a hero to the village. But then questions start to crop up and it becomes a possibility that this man may not after all be who he claims to be.

Sounds bizarre for sure, yet it's a true story, and a fascinating one at that. For this American version we get top line production values across the board, with the film propelled with grace and skill by Gere and Foster in the lead roles of Jack and Laurel Sommersby.

Director Amiel rightly uses the slow burn approach, a consideration to the art of story telling. This draws the viewer firmly into the post Civil War period and lets us get to know the principal players and their surroundings.

The core narrative thrust is a moving romance, one consistently under pressure of a mystery to be proved or disproved.

But there's also economic issues to hand, very much so, and the vile stench of racism still hangs in the air.

There's a lot going on in Sommersby and it never sags because of it.