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Vers alias Captain Marvel ist eine Soldatin, die von den hoch entwickelten Kree ausgebildet wurde. Nach einem Kampf im Weltraum stürzt sie auf die Erde ab. Gerade noch hat sie für die Sicherheit im All gekämpft, nun ist sie auf einem fremden. Captain Marvel ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film, der am 8. März in die US-amerikanischen Kinos kam. Die Regie führten Anna Boden und. Captain Marvel ist der Name mehrerer Superhelden, die seit von Marvel Comics erfunden wurden und Hauptfiguren in der gleichnamigen Comicserie. Erfahre hier mehr über die Charaktere und die Macher hinter „Captain Marvel“. Oscar® - Preisträgerin Brie Larson als Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel. CAPTAIN MARVEL ist der Film im Marvel Cinematic Universe und der erste, der eine weibliche Superheldin als Hauptfigur in den Mittelpunkt stellt! CAPTAIN​.

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Captain Marvel ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film, der am 8. März in die US-amerikanischen Kinos kam. Die Regie führten Anna Boden und. CAPTAIN MARVEL ist der Film im Marvel Cinematic Universe und der erste, der eine weibliche Superheldin als Hauptfigur in den Mittelpunkt stellt! CAPTAIN​. Die neue Soloserie von Marvels Fanliebling und feministischer Ikone! Captain Marvel Carol Danvers kämpft um einen Neuanfang auf der Erde. Da verschlägt es.

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CAPTAIN MARVEL Official Trailer #1 [HD] Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson Marvel Studios Captain Marvel ist ein Abenteuer aus einer bisher nicht gesehenen Ära in der Geschichte des Marvel Cinematic Universe. Es verfolgt die Reise. Immerhin hätte Captain Marvels Eintritt in das Marvel Cinematic Universe theoretisch schon deutlich früher erfolgen und diverse Rückschläge so vermeiden. Captain Marvel ein Film von Anna Boden und Ryan Fleck mit Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson. Inhaltsangabe: Die von den hochentwickelten Kree zur Soldatin. Die neue Soloserie von Marvels Fanliebling und feministischer Ikone! Captain Marvel Carol Danvers kämpft um einen Neuanfang auf der Erde. Da verschlägt es.

Capitan Marvel Video

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer Alle Rechte vorbehalten. September in der Entertainment Weekly veröffentlicht. Capitan marvel Cinematic Universe. In: The Hollywood Reporter, 4. Captain Marvel Videoclip 2 Click here. Drei Monate später wurde das Auftreten this web page Samuel L. Ist ganz nett. Goose, der Https://, der Fury nicht vor Kree-Kämpfern rettete, indem er sie verschlang, sondern Fury auch tiefe Kratzer am Auge zufügte, hat in seinem Büro ein neues Zuhause gefunden. Während Danvers darum kämpft, ihre verlorenen Erinnerungen zurückzuerlangen, regt sich etwas in ihr, als sie mit ihrer loyalen Sindbad serie Maria Rambeau wiedervereint wird, einer ehemaligen Kollegin aus ihrer Zeit als See more für Kampfjets. Auf dem Planeten Torfa geraten sie in einen Hinterhalt. Angesichts der zahlreichen Figuren more info MCU gibt es eine breite Palette an Superhelden, denen man einen eigenen Film hätte widmen können. Aprilabgerufen am 3. Archived from the original on February 28, When superhero comics became popular again in the in what is now called the " Silver Age of Comic Books ", Fawcett was unable to revive Captain Marvel, having agreed to never publish the character again as part of their settlement. Unlike Billy, Freddy retains his year-old appearance as a superhero. Fury's Big Week. Archived from the original on May here, The Independent. However, some of these films were disqualified due to circumstances around the character Jackson was playing; Pulp Fiction because of the character's wig and facial turns blacklist tom keen consider, and Jurassic Park because the character was made to appear older in that film. D'Esposito was excited about this, click at this page Marvel Studios' headquarters and post-production facilities are also in capitan marvel state, click at this page them to streamline the production process for this film and. Retrieved May 8,

While normally having no special abilities in his human persona as Billy Batson, once he says the magic word " Shazam!

Billy is also able to share his powers with others. Though the link to the specific mythological figures is de-emphasized in some modern-day stories, traditionally the letters in the name Shazam each represent a specific superhuman ability:.

In classic stories, simply saying the word "Shazam! In several stories, he is shown to be susceptible to high-powered magic, [] which can weaken or de-power him, [] and, in some older stories, to significantly high voltages of lightning or electricity, which would make him revert to Billy Batson form.

Jerry Ordway's s The Power of Shazam! In the late s, when Billy replaced the wizard and took on a white costume and the name of "Marvel", he commanded the various magical abilities once possessed by the wizard.

However, he was also required to remain on the Rock of Eternity and could only be away from it for 24 hours at a time.

Since the reboot, Shazam's powers have been slightly altered. Speaking the magic word "Shazam" does not cause a transformation if Billy does not want it to, and can be used to cast magic spells other than the transformation.

In , during Darkseid War, in the wake of Darkseid's death, several members of the Justice League were infused with the power of the Gods.

Shazam became the God of the Gods and his powers were altered aforementioned with the powers of six old gods:.

Captain Thunder, whose name was derived from Captain Marvel's original moniker, was a thinly veiled pastiche of Marvel—down to his similar costume, his young alter ego named "Willie Fawcett" a reference to Fawcett Comics , and a magic word "Thunder!

He got his power from rubbing a magic belt buckle with a thunder symbol on it and saying "Thunder". Superman held him while he used his wisdom to escape the effects of the spell.

Maggin and illustrated by Curt Swan and Bob Oskner. At the time of its publication, DC had been printing Shazam!

A flashback to the older Justice Society features the traditional Caucasian Captain Marvel, leading to the conclusion that there were two Captain Marvels.

An adult Billy Batson becomes obsessed with Wonder Woman when they become part of a small community of survivors of the holocaust, with most of the surviving superhumans having lost their powers or dealing with altered abilities.

When the now-powerless Clark Kent joins their community, starting a relationship with Wonder Woman that includes them having a child together, Batson's resentment of Superman becomes insanity, as he provokes his transformation into Captain Marvel despite use of this power causing damage to Earth.

In the dark alternate future shown in Frank Miller 's — comic miniseries The Dark Knight Strikes Again , Captain Marvel is visibly aged, with receding white hair and glasses.

Lex Luthor, who has captured Mary Marvel, coerces him into working for him by threatening to kill her. During an alien attack on Metropolis , Marvel is trapped underneath a collapsing building with no way out, and admits that Billy Batson—here, clearly defined as a separate person from Marvel, rather than simply transforming into him—died eight years ago of unspecified health problems.

As a result, when he next speaks his word, he will cease to exist. His last words to Wonder Woman are to give everyone his best, noting that it was nice existing, before he calls down his lightning and destroys himself.

In this version, Billy Batson is an adult who now matches the appearance of his superhero identity. The human hostility towards superheroes has made him uneasy, and he has not transformed into Captain Marvel for several years.

Batson has become the brainwashed servant of Lex Luthor, who uses Mister Mind's mind-controlling worm offspring to keep him in check and bend him to his will.

Nevertheless, Batson's potential as a being powerful enough to rival Superman causes many others to react in fear and unease when he mingles with them, believing it is a non-costumed Captain Marvel that serves Luthor.

Events finally cause him to transform into Captain Marvel, and he unleashes a force that could destroy the world. When the authorities try to stop it by dropping a nuclear bomb, Captain Marvel—spurred by Superman telling him that due to his ties to both humanity and the superhuman community, he is the only one capable of choosing which one to save—intercepts the bomb and summons his lightning to detonate it while it is still airborne, sacrificing himself to save as many lives as possible, both human and metahuman.

The nuclear blast still kills a large number of heroes, but does cool the war-like attitudes of the survivors.

Superman uses Marvel's cape as the symbol of a new world order in which humans and superhumans will now live in harmony.

In 52 52 May 2, , a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities, one of which is designated Earth As a result of Marvel Family foe Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects similar to the pre-Crisis Earth-S, including the Marvel Family characters.

The Earth-5 Captain Marvel reappeared in Final Crisis 7, along with an army of Supermen from across the Multiverse to prevent its destruction by Darkseid.

A one-shot alternate take on Shazam! Lee reimagined the original Shazam! Teamed with the beautiful, and much tougher, fellow agent, Carla Noral, the two of them are in India searching for the megalomaniac master criminal Gunga Kahn.

Rogers is given the ability to transform into a large, winged being by saying the magic word "Shazam!

Beck character. In a backup story plotted by Michael Uslan, scripted by Lee and Uslan, and drawn by Kano, an orphaned American boy in India at the same time as the adventures of Shazam heroically saves a village from starvation with the help of a local boy named Zubin Navotny.

A Captain Marvel miniseries, Shazam! Smith's Shazam! Following the lead and continuity of Smith's Monster Society of Evil miniseries, it was initially written and drawn by Mike Kunkel , creator of Herobear.

Little is revealed about her, other than the fact that her civilian name is Sahar Shazeen, and she is shown wielding a pair of swords during battle.

The Flashpoint comics miniseries, written by Geoff Johns with art by Andy Kubert , featured an alternate timeline accidentally created by the Flash , who then helped the heroes of this timeline to restore history.

One of those heroes is Captain Thunder—an alternative version of Captain Marvel who has six alter-egos, rather than one, and a scarred face as the result of a fight with Wonder Woman , who in this timeline is a villain.

The six children, collectively known as "S. Pedro's pet tiger Tawny also transforms into a more powerful version of himself via the magic lightning.

The six children later transform into Captain Thunder to help Flash and his allies stop the war between Aquaman 's Atlantean army and Wonder Woman's Amazonian forces.

Captain Thunder briefly fights Wonder Woman to a draw before being transformed back into the six children by Flash's accomplice Enchantress , who is revealed to be a traitor.

After the conclusion of the miniseries, the three new children from the Flashpoint timeline—Eugene, Pedro, and Darla—were incorporated into the DC Universe via the Shazam!

Mazahs is a corrupted alternate-universe version of Shazam, introduced in the —14 Forever Evil DC Comics crossover event series written by Geoff Johns.

He is the super-powered alter-ego of Alexander Luthor of Earth Prime Earth's Lex Luthor and his team sneak in to the Justice League Watchtower where the Syndicate has Alexander hostage, and remove the duct tape over his mouth, allowing Alexander to speak the magic word "Mazahs!

While Prime Earth's Shazam is known for sharing his powers with others, Mazahs kills other superbeings and takes their powers for his own, as when he kills the Syndicate's speedster Johnny Quick.

She also reveals she is carrying his child, who is prophesied to bring an end to the world. Exploiting his ability to use the powers of those he has killed, Mazahs easily takes down both the Syndicate and Luthor's team, but Prime Earth Lex Luthor having the same voice as Mazahs manages to call down the lightning, using a lightning-rod that Batman had retrieved to try and use against Johnny Quick based on his planned defense against the Flash, and transform Mazahs into his human form.

Sealing Alexander's mouth, Lex stabs him with a knife, killing him. Superwoman later gives birth to Mazahs's child in Justice League 50, and uses the baby's power-stealing abilities—inherited from his father and by her using his magic word—to remove abilities the members the Prime-Earth Justice League had inherited from their time on Apokolips after the death of Darkseid.

The story ends with the orphaned baby having absorbed both the Omega Effect from Lex Luthor as well as the Anti-Life Equation from Justice League associate Steve Trevor , transforming him into a resurrected—yet still infantile—Darkseid.

In the prequel comic to the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us , Shazam joins Superman's Regime in establishing a new approach to ending crime.

Similar to the Golden Age version, this Shazam is suggested to have two personalities: Billy Batson is a separate person from Shazam. In Year One he, like the Flash, is somewhat skeptical of Superman's intentions, as his actions are often immoral.

Ultimately, Shazam decides to stay and support the Regime, devoted to its cause. He becomes the object of Harley Quinn's affection, being bound and gagged by her in Year Four.

Eventually, Zeus is forced to return Billy's power after the Highfather of New Genesis intervenes in the conflict.

In Year Five, Shazam's relationship with Harley is complicated when she confronts him about being in the Regime despite their growing tyranny.

In the traditional Shazam! A pink rabbit version of Captain Marvel, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny , appeared in his own stories featuring a funny-animal cast.

In the early Fawcett stories, Billy Batson and Captain Marvel had a sidekick named Steamboat , an African-American valet character who was removed from the comics by because of protests over racial stereotyping.

Tawky Tawny , an anthropomorphic talking tiger who works as a museum curator. Tawny was initially depicted as a magically-charged zoo tiger in the Justice League backup stories.

In the —present ongoing Shazam! The Marvel Family's other non-powered allies have traditionally included Dr.

The s Shazam! The New 52 reboot of Shazam! Many of the character's appearances have been collected into several volumes :. The first filmed adaptation of Captain Marvel was produced in This production made Captain Marvel the first superhero to be depicted in film.

The Adventures of Captain Marvel for which the man-in-flight effects techniques were originally developed for a Superman film serial that Republic never produced [] predated Fleischer Studios ' Superman cartoons by six months.

The storyline has Carson as an ice cream vendor who also belongs to a home-grown Captain Marvel Club with some of the kids in the neighborhood.

Following DC's acquisition of the property, development of a Shazam! The project remained in development through New Line's absorption into Warner Bros.

Pictures in Directed by David F. Cotrona as Super Hero Pedro. Captain Marvel first came to television in Filmation produced Shazam!

Instead of directly following the lead of the comics, the Shazam! Shortly after the Shazam! Although Captain Marvel did not appear in Hanna-Barbera's long-running concurrent Saturday morning cartoon series Super Friends which featured many of the other DC superheroes , he did appear in some of the merchandise associated with the show.

Filmation revisited the character three years later for an animated Shazam! The rest of the Marvel Family joined Captain Marvel on his adventures in this series, which were more similar to his comic-book adventures than the s TV show.

Sivana, Mr. Mind, Black Adam, and other familiar Captain Marvel foes appeared as enemies. Billy has a non-speaking cameo in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Obsession", while live actors portraying Captain Marvel make "cameo" appearances in both a dream-sequence within an episode of The Drew Carey Show , and in the Beastie Boys ' music video for "Alive".

According to Boyar's faint memories in a interview, the show was initially produced in New York but after about a month relocated to Chicago; no further details about the show or transcripts of it survived.

Existence of the show was confirmed by historian Jim Harmon via recollections of old-time radio fans who recalled hearing it during original broadcasts, plus locating period program listings.

In , C. Beck and writer Rod Reed prepared seven sample installments of a comic strip, but syndicates expressed no interest in it.

Reed suspected that the DC lawsuit was the syndicates' reason, for fear of becoming parties in the ongoing litigation.

Captain Marvel's adventures have contributed a number of elements to both comic book culture and pop culture in general.

The most notable contribution is the regular use of Superman and Captain Marvel as adversaries in Modern Age comic book stories.

The two are often portrayed as equally matched and, while Marvel does not possess Superman's heat vision , X-ray vision or superhuman breath powers, the magic-based nature of his own powers are a weakness for Superman.

Superduperman, endowed with muscles on muscles, does battle with Captain Marbles, a Captain Marvel caricature. In contrast to Captain Marvel's perceived innocence and goodness, Marbles is greedy and money-grubbing, and a master criminal.

Superduperman defeats Marbles by tricking him into hitting himself. While publishing its Shazam! He apparently battles against a Monster League, who cast a spell to make him evil, but Superman helps him break free.

It is in this story that Superman and Captain Marvel first meet, albeit briefly. King Kull has caused Superman to go mad using red kryptonite , compelling Marvel to battle him at first and subsequently restore Superman's mind with the help of lightning.

In Shazam! Sivana creates several steel creatures to destroy Pittsburgh's steel mills, after getting the idea from reading an issue of Action Comics.

He finally creates a Superman robot made of a super-steel to destroy Captain Marvel. They both hit each other at the same moment, and the robot is destroyed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Art by C. See also: National Comics Publications v. Fawcett Publications. Main article: Marvelman.

Main article: Captain Marvel M. Main article: Captain Paragon. Cover to Shazam! Beck with Nick Cardy and Murphy Anderson.

Main article: The Power of Shazam! Main article: The Trials of Shazam! See also: Marvel Family. Main article: Shazam!

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Grand Comics Database. Comics Archived from the original on June 14, Retrieved I've always felt that it was this origin story and concept that made Captain Marvel instantly popular, to the point that it was outselling every comic on the stands for several years throughout the '40s.

The Museum of Comic Book Advertising. By the middle of the decade, Captain Marvel had received a self-titled comic book, Captain Marvel's Adventures [sic], which had a circulation that reached 1.

Captain Marvel's circulation numbers exceeded National's Superman title and the rivalry between the companies led National to sue Fawcett for plagiarism.

Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 5 December While the main "Earth-0" version of the character was re-introduced as "Shazam!

New York. Archived from the original on Note: External link consists of a forum site summing up the top characters of Wizard Magazine since the real site that contains the list is broken.

UGO Networks. Archived from the original on January 10, The Hembeck Files. Beck Hogan's Alley". Retrieved 24 October Fun Facts.

Summer Mar-Vell probeerde dit te voorkomen door deze te vernietigen, maar Yon-Rogg schoot haar dood voor ze dit kon doen.

Het lukte Danvers in haar plaats wel om op de energiebron te schieten. Nadat die ontplofte, absorbeerde Danvers' lichaam de vrijgekomen energie.

Zo kreeg ze haar speciale krachten, maar verloor ze haar geheugen. Danvers, Talos, Fury en Rambeau vinden Mar-Vells geheime laboratorium, dat gecamoufleerd in een baan om de Aarde vliegt.

Hier blijken meer gevluchte Skrulls aanwezig, waaronder Talos' familie. Ook aan boord is de Tesseract, het geheim achter Mar-Vells speciale energiebron en houder van de Space Stone , een van de zes Infinity-stenen.

Yon-Rogg en Starforce zijn de vier gevolgd en nemen de aanwezigen gevangen. De kunstmatige intelligentie die de Kree leidt, probeert Danvers ervan te overtuigen dat ze naar de verkeerde kant is overgelopen.

Ze laat dit alleen niet gebeuren. In plaats daarvan realiseert ze zich tijdens het gesprek dat het Kree-implantaat in haar brein er niet is om haar te helpen, maar om haar krachten te begrenzen.

Zodra ze het verwijdert, komen haar volledige kosmische vermogens vrij. Nu op vol vermogen rekent Danvers met overmacht af met Starforce en bevrijdt ze haar kompanen en de gevangen Kree.

Goose blijkt geen kat, maar een Flerken, een wezen met het vermogen een heel universum op te slaan in zijn maag.

Hij slikt de Tesseract in, waarna Fury hem meeneemt. Ronan the Accuser komt Starforce te hulp, maar trekt zich terug zodra hij inziet dat zijn vloot kansloos is tegen Danvers op vol vermogen.

Zij stuurt op haar beurt Yon-Rogg terug naar Hala met een waarschuwing voor de machthebbende kunstmatige intelligentie.

Na de laatste schermutselingen vertrekt Danvers met de Skrulls om te proberen een nieuwe thuisplaneet voor ze te vinden. Voor ze gaat, geeft ze Fury een speciale pieper waarmee hij haar hulp kan inroepen als er zich ooit een absoluut noodgeval voordoet.

In de eerste meldt Danvers zich op het hoofdkantoor van de Avengers, als reactie op het noodsignaal dat Fury haar stuurde aan het einde van Avengers: Infinity War.

In de tweede braakt Goose op een dag in de Tesseract uit op het bureau van Fury. In mei was er een script geschreven voor de Marvel Studios over Ms.

Marvel, de naam die gebruikt werd in de Marvel Comics voor Carol Danvers vooraleer ze de rol van Captain Marvel overnam. Marvel zodat een compleet nieuwe verhaallijn zou kunnen gestart worden.

Jackson opnieuw de rol van Nick Fury zou spelen. De film behaalde binnen een maand wereldwijd meer dan 1 miljard dollar op.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Brie Larson Nick Fury Ben Mendelsohn Yon-Rogg Annette Bening Wendy Lawson Djimon Hounsou Korath Lee Pace Ronan Lashana Lynch Maria Rambeau Gemma Chan Minn-Erva Clark Gregg Agent Coulson Rune Temte Bron-Char Algenis Perez Soto Att-Lass Mckenna Grace What's on Captain Marvel's Watchlist?

Meet Goose: Captain Marvel's Kitty. What Roles Did Samuel L. Jackson Turn Down? Learn more More Like This. Ant-Man and the Wasp Action Adventure Comedy.

Spider-Man: Far from Home Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Stars: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Black Panther Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o. Captain America: The First Avenger Spider-Man: Homecoming Captain America: Civil War Ant-Man Thor: Ragnarok Avengers: Age of Ultron Stars: Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 2 Doctor Strange Action Adventure Fantasy. Iron Man 3 Edit Storyline After crashing an experimental aircraft, Air Force pilot Carol Danvers is discovered by the Kree and trained as a member of the elite Starforce Military under the command of her mentor Yon-Rogg.

Taking advantage of this situation, Marvel debuted its new Captain Marvel character in and quickly trademarked the name.

Enterprises released a short-lived Captain Marvel series. Enterprises to cease their Captain Marvel series after five issues, paying M.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Marvel was given his own series, commencing with Captain Marvel 1 May These appearances established Captain Marvel, or "Mar-Vell", as an alien of the Kree race who had come to earth as a spy before coming to identify with his human neighbors.

An added plot feature was the introduction of sidekick Rick Jones. Jones and Marvel "shared molecules" allowing only one to exist in the real world at a time.

The change, however, was not successful, and the series was published only intermittently from The Captain Marvel series recommenced with issue 22 September Plotter and artist Jim Starlin decided to revamp the character with issue 25 March A spin-off series, Ms.

Marvel , was launched in , but sales remained modest, and the series was published on only a bimonthly basis until it was ultimately canceled in This had the effect of requiring DC Comics , which in the meantime licensed the original Fawcett Captain Marvel for publication, to print its new comics under the trademark Shazam!

When Captain Marvel was cancelled with issue 62 May , there were five as-yet unpublished issues already complete or near-complete.

The series Marvel Spotlight was revived for the express purpose of publishing them specifically, in issues and 8. Following the character's death, Marvel published several comics with new characters taking up the "Captain Marvel" moniker, thereby maintaining their trademark on the name.

The limited series Captain Marvel vol. Mar-Vell was one of the featured characters in the three-issue limited series Chaos War: Dead Avengers.

After the Kree 's first encounter with humans, [18] Captain Mar-Vell is sent to spy on Earth and decide if it is a threat to the Kree empire.

The first time he does this, people hear him incorrectly pronounce his name as "Captain Marvel". His job is made difficult by his jealous commanding officer, Colonel Yon-Rogg , his growing affection for humanity, and his fake identity's criminal past.

After aiding humanity several times, Mar-Vell is found guilty of treason against the Kree Empire and sentenced to death by firing squad. Mar-Vell escapes in a stolen rocket, but becomes lost in space.

After drifting for days, he is weak and on the verge of madness. To better help them, Mar-Vell is given a new costume and enhanced abilities.

After the conspiracy is foiled, Mar-Vell tries to return to Earth. On the way, he is hit by a blast of radiation that traps him in the Negative Zone.

The Supreme Intelligence enables Mar-Vell to telepathically contact Rick Jones , which he uses to lead Jones to a set of "nega-bands" at an abandoned Kree base.

When Jones puts on the bands and strikes them together, he trades places with Mar-Vell and is encased in a protective aura in the Negative Zone.

The pair discover they are able to maintain telepathic contact. Using this method, Mar-Vell can remain in the positive universe for a period of three hours.

As a result of the war, Jones is left near death and Mar-Vell re-merged with Jones in order to save his life. Mar-Vell's consciousness begins to resurface weeks later as Jones's body becomes unable to house both his own and Mar-Vell's life energy.

Photon ray treatments by a Professor Savannah stabilizes the situation and brings Mar-Vell's body and consciousness to the surface.

This provides the hero with new abilities, including "cosmic awareness". Thanos' spirit leaves his body, and Mar-Vell uses the opportunity to shatter the Cube, which was still in Thanos' hand.

This undoes Thanos's actions. Mar-Vell teams with Spider-Man to battle the Basilisk [36] and later encounters a new villain named Nitro.

While defusing a bomb placed by Nitro, Mar-Vell is exposed to a powerful nerve gas called "Compound 13". Mar-Vell collapses due to the exposure, but recovers when given an antidote.

The gas, however, would eventually prove to be carcinogenic and cause Mar-Vell to develop cancer. Mar-Vell travels to the Kree homeworld of Hala, and through a protracted series of events that almost kills Rick Jones, frees himself from the manipulation of the Supreme Intelligence.

During this period Mar-Vell also encounters the cosmic entity the Stranger. This proves unsuccessful when the Sentry activates but fails to follow direction, going on a rampage.

A new villain called the Cheetah attempts to manipulate the Sentry, although both are eventually defeated by Mar-Vell.

The hero locates the Kree scientists, and briefly battles Ronan the Accuser, who was left with the mind of a child after a previous encounter.

Mar-Vell then brings the Super-Adaptoid's pseudo bands together, exiling the robot to the Negative Zone and freeing Jones.

Mar-Vell, however, defeats Mercurio and returns to Earth. This plan is abandoned when forced to become Mar-Vell to stop an energy vampire named "Deathgrip".

After a battle in the mystical "Dark Dimension"; [59] an encounter with the Hulk [60] and an adventure on an alien world, [61] Mar-Vell discovers that his past exposure to the "Compound 13" nerve gas [37] has given him cancer.

Compounding the problem are Mar-Vell's nega-bands, which keep the cancer at bay but also cause it to resist all known forms of treatment, and lack of access to the Kree Empire's medical experts since the Kree consider Mar-Vell a traitor.

Summer Serials Review. Archived from the original PDF on In , the best-selling comic book title Captain Marvel Adventures sold more than fourteen million copies for the year.

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland. Austin Chronicle. Hero gets girl! Raleigh, N. Circuit Judge Fawcett Publications, Inc.

Justia US Law. Retrieved 6 September Comics Buyer's Guide Retrieved June 19, Detailed summary of the cases and rulings related to National Comics Publications v.

Fawcett Publishing. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins. With avenues of appeal still open but their outcome obvious after the first court ruled for National Periodicals, Fawcett Publications settled out of court in late Fawcett agreed to cease publication of all Captain Marvel related titles.

However, Fawcett's decision to give up the legal battle came when all of the company's superhero titles were reporting greatly diminished sales was no circumstance.

RetroFan 4. TwoMorrows Publishing. Hero Gets Girl! We both figured at that time that Captain Marvel was a thing of the past He was colored differently — green instead of red, I think.

But then when reprinted in a Lois Lane Annual [sic], they put the red union suit on him. The Hollywood Reporter.

Comic Book Resources. Retrieved 14 September In Dolan, Hannah ed. Dorling Kindersley. Responsible for resurrecting the lightning-charged champion, writer Denny O'Neil and original artist C.

Beck together explained Cap's absence. Alter Ego. Two Morrows Publishing. Dallas: Taylor. The Collector Pt 2: Specific Story Wishlist".

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Justice League International. Keith Giffen J. All-Star Squadron. Arak Black Pirate Infinity, Inc. Brainwave Jr. Justice League characters.

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Fawcett Comics — DC Comics —present. Bill Parker C. Mary Marvel Captain Marvel Jr. Mister Tawky Tawny Shazam wizard.

Cover of Captain Marvel Adventures 31 January Beck , Pete Costanza , Jack Kirby. List vol. What Roles Did Samuel L.

Jackson Turn Down? Learn more More Like This. Ant-Man and the Wasp Action Adventure Comedy. Spider-Man: Far from Home Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

Stars: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal. Black Panther Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o.

Captain America: The First Avenger Spider-Man: Homecoming Captain America: Civil War Ant-Man Thor: Ragnarok Avengers: Age of Ultron Stars: Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 2 Doctor Strange Action Adventure Fantasy. Iron Man 3 Edit Storyline After crashing an experimental aircraft, Air Force pilot Carol Danvers is discovered by the Kree and trained as a member of the elite Starforce Military under the command of her mentor Yon-Rogg.

Taglines: Discover what makes a her o. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The filmmakers cited s action movies as an influence on the film's action, in keeping with the era in which the film is set.

Goofs at around 1h 5 mins After inserting the CD into the computer it takes a long time to "load". This delay was intended to show that computers of the time were much slower than modern computers.

This is complete nonsense, as this was an audio CD and not a data CD, in which case it would only take a second or so, just like in any audio CD player.

Quotes [ first lines ] Yon-Rogg : [ urgent knocking ] Do you know what time it is? Carol Danvers : [ at the door ] Can't sleep.

Yon-Rogg : There are tabs for that. Carol Danvers : Yeah, but then I'd be sleeping. Yon-Rogg : Dreams again Carol Danvers : [ yes ] Want to fight?

Crazy Credits There is a scene at the end of the closing credits: Goose the cat regurgitates the Tesseract.

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